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Reading Response - believe they are called to make a huge...

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Brent Mansingh EDCI 2001 G. Beckers January 31, 2008 Why New Teachers Choose to Teach Wadsworth, D. (2001). Why new teachers choose to teach. Educational Leadership , 58(8), 24-28. The Three Big Ideas: Many people are arguing whether the quality of teaching is declining. Even those who infer teaching is in good standing, are split on their arguments. More than 86% percent of people actually believe teaching is a true calling, and only those who love their “mission” (not their occupation) truly excel. Most young teachers are more highly motivated professionals who bring a sense a commitment and morale to the table. Questions/Comments: Is the quality of teaching truly declining? Or is the participation of students declining, thus portraying poorer score results? Why are the other 14% of teachers teaching if they don’t
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Unformatted text preview: believe they are called to make a huge contribution to the lives of the “future?” • I believe younger teachers appear more motivated because they feel as if they have an obligation to fulfill, and they want to prove how big of a difference they can make on at least a few lives. Knowledge or Understanding Gained From This Reading: • Only 80% of new teachers said they would choose teaching again if they had to do it all over again! • 1 in 10 teachers change career after only a couple years. How can you gain enough about your job in 2 years to change? It’s almost impossible to adopt your own style of teaching in such a short period of time. • A surprising 81 percent of teachers say they’d rather love their work than hate a job with a hefty salary....
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Reading Response - believe they are called to make a huge...

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