Histology-vascular, muscular, Nervous

Histology-vascular, muscular, Nervous - Histology-...

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A. Vascular tissue 1. Leukocytes- white blood cells, 5.000- 10,000 per microliters a. granulocytes- have granules in cytoplasm, polymorphonuclear leukocytes - neutrophils- 55-90% w.b.c., most common, function: phagocytosis - eosinophils- 1-3% w.b.c., produces toxins against eukaryotic parasites (helminthes, protozoa, fungal) - basophils- < 1% w.b.c., have histamines & heparin in granules (histamine- increases diameter & permeability of blood vessels, heparin- anticoagulant) b. agranulocytes- don’t have granules in cytoplasm, “mononuclear leukocytes” - lymphocytes- AIDS grows on these i. Blymphocytes- humoral immunity, makes antibody ii. T Lymphocytes- cell mediated immunity, regulate production of antibodies - monocytes- grow into macrophages i. wandering- in blood
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ii. fixed- histiocytes, leave blood to form Reticuloendothelial System (RES) (lymph-nodes, spleen, appendix) 2. Erythrocytes- “Red blood cell,” smaller then Leukocytes, Red because of
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Histology-vascular, muscular, Nervous - Histology-...

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