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Wed. January 31, 2007

Wed. January 31, 2007 - Chronology in the UK In 1970's mid...

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Chronology in the UK In 1970’s – mid 1980’s spread from sheep to cattle o Sheep meat and bones added to cattle feed In 1982 Prusiner discovers prions In 1986 Mad cow disease is identified In 10 years 165,000 cattle affected (in England alone) November 1989 British government banned use of animal-derived feed supplements. Banned Feed Sold in Europe and Asia Sold for “use” in poultry vCJD in Great Britain and France o All but one of vCJD patients younger than 40. (you get from eating contaminated beef) Unusual Diseases Not caused by “germs” Not a virus, bacteria or fungus Not caused by organism with genetic material! However – this is still controversial to some. Prions Proteinaceous Infectious Particles Discovered in 1982 by Stanley Prusiner Nobel Prize in 1997. Oprah Winfrey On trial in 1998 in Texas $12 million Oprah gets off.
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BSE in US December 2003 Discovered in “downer” dairy cow in the state of Washington
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