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Review Sheet for Exam 2 Review Secession: Brown 118 on Monday, November the 8th from 6-7:30 p.m Office Hours Nate (Eliot 225) Tue: 1-3 pm Mariana (Eliot 108) Monday: 2-3 pm Tue: 4-5 pm Exam Format The exam format will be similar although not identical to exam 1. There will be slightly more multiple choice questions and less short answer. Last exam had 5 news questions and this example we might include a couple more. We might also include a matching question or two. Study Tips: The study guide provides and overview of the topics and issues that will be addressed on the exam. But, it doesn’t cover everything and it isn’t a substitute for exam notes or reading. During the Exam During the exam I am around to answer questions. I usually step out of the room to make sure their aren’t question from students taking the exam in Cornerstone. Take your time with your exam. I think a few people make silly mistakes by not fully reading the question. Lecture 5: Individuals and IR Lecture Know these terms: Belief systems Cognitive consistency Evoked set Mirror Image Satisficing Groupthink Prospect Theory Sunk Costs You should know the basic timeline for WWI (I covered this in lecture and it is also in the Nye reading) Rivalries and Alliances Assassination Germany issues the “blank check” to AH Empire Ultimatum to Serbia
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Rejection of Ultimatum Invasion of Serbia Russia declares War on AH WWI Begins Kaiser Wilhelm II Traits (Just be able to remember these) Moody with temper Personal friend of assassinated Archduke Cousin of the Russian Czar More on the Kaiser Thought assassination was a threat to all monarchies Gave AH Empire a “blank check” Went on vacation Emperor Francis Joseph (Austro-Hungarian Empire) Old and sick Surrounded by aggressive advisors Advisors to the Emperor (just know and understand the details below) Berchtold: Foreign Minister Views on Serbia changed dramatically Hotzendorff: Chief of Staff Wanted to restore AH as major power Very aggressive Drafting the Ultimatum (know these details and the significance of the ultimatum) Berchtold drafted an ultimatum to Serbia that he knew they would reject. Dissolution of nationalist groups Dismiss key military officers Arrest key politicians Answer in 48 hours Rejecting the Ultimatum (know these events) Berchold told the AH ambassador to reject if Serbians didn’t accept everything. Serbians complied with almost every point, with a few minor exceptions.
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Exam 2 Review Sheet completa - Review Sheet for Exam 2...

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