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Most of the statements on the Initial Conditions list I agree with. However, I believe a big part of the problem comes from the government. For example, our military needs to be cut shorter as the experiments and practices they conduct have affected our environment from the tests in the ocean to the nuclear bombing test sites. They also use a significant amount of money to maintain that can be used for better reasons like feeding the poor. The military also uses many resources to build and operate their machinery. The government not only uses and wastes these resources through their military, but they have hardly set any standards on transportation and don’t encourage alternative fuels. The event that starvation will pursue in Asian countries has already been happening. There have been water shortages all over the world as population rises and demand increases. I also believe that international ties will not be that affected.
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Unformatted text preview: As the shape of our earth declines, I hope that it will strengthen international policies, and we will come together as a human population instead of relying on our countries so much. The future of the world is definitely up to the people. With awareness rising, we have started being more conscious about the daily decisions we make, such as to drive less and use public transportation. Politicians running for President in 2008 have targeted the environment as one of their objectives, also raising awareness. I don’t believe that someone is either modern or culturally creative. I definitely exhibit characteristics from both categories. While I am career oriented and would like money, I am also conscious about the products I buy and try to support fair trade. However, I’m not religious, but also don’t go to spiritual gatherings or weekend workshops....
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