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meet the trees

meet the trees - parts of a flower or plant Douglas-firs...

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Marcella McKee 04/10/07 Meet-the-Trees It was a beautiful sunny day at Spencer Butte Park. The sun shone through the trees and a light breeze made the branches sway back and forth. A blue jay was perched in a Douglas-fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii) about fifty feet up, singing his song. The Douglas-fir was huge, standing at about 100 feet tall. This tree is an evergreen with spiky needles coming off every direction from the shoot. Beneath the tree were many cones, only about 1 or 2 inches long and shaped like a football. Scattered across the park in many places were groupings of shrubs and flowers. The shrubs were all broad-leafed and deciduous. I could distinguish between three different kinds of shrubs, but I’m not sure of their names. I could identify both daisies and tulips. I assume that someone must have planted those flowers there, because it is very rare for tulips to grow in the wild. The tulips were red and yellow, both with pistils, which are the female
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Unformatted text preview: parts of a flower or plant. Douglas-firs and Redwoods over took Spencer Butte Park, making for a beautiful canopy of evergreen trees. As I looked around some more, I noticed some smaller deciduous trees, some of which had just started sprouting new leaves just in time for spring. I assume that some of these smaller trees could have produced flowers a few weeks before. I noticed that every time I walked to a new part of the park, I found so many species of trees. I could tell that some trees were related, in the same family, and that others definitely belonged to a different group. I am excited to take this class because next time I go to the park I will be able to correctly identify all the trees! I enjoyed sitting/walking in the sun while writing this essay and it really made me look forward to all this class has to offer....
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