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Biology-Ch.37 Response

Biology-Ch.37 Response - flower/seed formation o Potassium...

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Ch. 37 Response Chapter 37: What are the major nutrients that plants need and why do they need them? Major nutrients: o Carbon- fixed through carbon dioxide in the air, forms backbone of many biomolecules including starches and cellulose o Hydrogen- obtained through air and liquid water, forms sugars and parts of plant o Oxygen- obtained by air, necessary for cellular respiration, the process of generating ATP via consumption of sugars o Phosphorus-a component of ATP, is needed during photosynthesis, also plays role in phosphorylation and cell signaling, important for plant growth and
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Unformatted text preview: flower/seed formation o Potassium- regulates opening and closing of stoma by potassium ion pump, reduces water loss o Nitrogen- part of DNA, essential component of all proteins, essential for growth and reproduction o Sulfur- produces energy important for growth o Calcium- regulates transport of other nutrients into plant o Magnesium- important component in chlorophyll, also helps in production of ATP by way of enzyme cofactor...
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