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Review of Assignment and Lecture 11-12 (2/11-2/13): Hesiod and Early Greek Law Reading Assignment: Hesiod (trans. West), Theogony and Works and Days ; readings from Greek Law on web site Questions: Theogony When did Hesiod compose his poems? Hesiod composed his poems from 735-700 B.C. What does Theogony mean? What is the poem about? The Theogony is the “birth of the Gods” It was an organized myth of the birth of the Gods. What does Hesiod’s account of his meeting with the Muses say about the source and status of poetic truth? Hesiods account of his meeting with the Muses discredits the status of poetic truth because it makes people aware of the fact that they too can lie. What does Hesiod consider to be the qualities of a good king? How does he compare singers and kings? A good king is just. Also favor of Zeus and the Muse makes a good king also. Hesiod says that the kings must be inspired by the singers. What is the first generation of gods like? Why is Eros
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important? Who are the Titans? What happens to them? The first generation of gods are primordial forces (forces of the elements) Eros is the God of love. The titans were a race of powerful deities that ruled during the legendary Golden Age . Their role as Elder Gods that were overthrown by a present race of younger gods, the Olympians. TITANS-ZEUS AND SIBLINGS. How does the theme of generational succession recur in Hesiod’s account? How does it change? The old gods are always overthrown by a new generations of Gods. However, this changed with the victory of Zeus over all comers. Who is Prometheus? Why does Zeus fall for his trick? Prometheus is known as the Man who thinks ahead. He is a Titan god who stole fire from the gods and gave it to man. Zeus falls for his trick so that he has a reason to punish
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review8 - Review of Assignment and Lecture 11-12...

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