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ATMS 120: FA2007 Snodgrass Name: Erin Keegan Section: B Daily Challenge Problem #1: Moisture Due: Tuesday January 29, 2008 On a hot and sunny afternoon, you and your TA decide to kick back and enjoy a nice cold glass of iced tea. After pouring in the tea and filling the glass with ice, you find that the drink needs to be stirred up and the closest thing you find to stir the drink is a thermometer. As the iced tea cools, moisture suddenly begins to condense on the outside of the glass when the temperature of the drink cools to 5°C. You then pull the thermometer out to get an air temperature reading and
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Unformatted text preview: find that the outside temperature is 30°C. Answer the following questions: 1. What is the dewpoint temperature of the air? 5°C 2. What is the saturation vapor pressure of the air? 42.4 mb 3. Estimate the vapor pressure in the atmosphere. SVP at 5°C (dew point) is VP = 8.7 mb 4. Estimate the relative humidity of the air. 8.7/42.4 * 100 = 20.5% 5. Why did moisture condense on the outside of the cup? The air outside of the cup cooled to the dewpoint temperature and the atmosphere reached its maximum capacity. The vapor pressure passed its SVP and condensation occurred....
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