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Lab 4 - solvent Unknown food dye numbered 214 was...

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Data: See attached results. Calculations: See attached results. Summary of Results and Conclusion: The attached table shows the distance traveled by spot and solvent front. Seven known and two unknown food dyes were placed onto chromatography paper and placed in a beaker of water, rubbing alcohol, or 0.1% salt water. The solvents traveled up the chromatography papers and the food dye spots traveled as well. The distance the spots traveled were divided by the distance the solvent front traveled to determine an R f value for each food dye in each solvent. All of the R f values were between zero and one. Unknown food dye numbered 329 was determined to be Yellow5 with an R f value closely matching Yellow5 in each
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Unformatted text preview: solvent. Unknown food dye numbered 214 was determined to be Blue1 with an R f value closely matching Blue1 in each solvent. Error Analysis: A possible source of error is an incorrect measured amount of solvent placed into the beakers. This may cause to much solvent to be absorbed into the chromatography paper. Another source of error would be the amount of dye that was placed onto the chromatography paper. If too much food dye was placed onto the paper it could cause the dye to bleed off into the solvent. When the solvent front and spot distances were measured, they may have been incorrectly measured to a 0.1 centimeter degree....
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