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Art study guide notes - What initially drew artists to the...

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What initially drew artists to the medium of film?    Formal revelations- exploration of rhythm and repition.   What is auteur theory?    Film Criticism. Auteur = “author”. The director’s films reflect his/her personal creative vision. Example: Citizen Kane What is a  manifesto ?   A public declariation of motivies, views or intentions.    What movement was a reaction to the horrors of WWI?    Avant-Garde (radical political agendas, overturn established means of art making) Dada (lacked the optimism of Futurists) Example: Marcel Duchamp, “The Fountain” (urinal) What two structural  concepts  dominated almost all of architectural history? I have no idea! Walter Gropius helped to establish  International Style.   What is it?    Austere geometric simplicity. What is  Expressionism ?    Name two 20th century Expressionist groups .   The idea that color and line alone can express the feelings and emotions of the artist. -German expressionists -Abstact expressionism (Jackson Pollock) -American Modernism: used European formal innovation in realist paintings (Georga O’Keeffe) What was the  Arts and Crafts  Movement?    Revival of older, hand-crafted traditions    What is Social Realism?    Portrayal of every day people in realiztic settings/social conditions. Unadulterated view of reality. (Response to Romaticism) What was the Russian Constructivism movement?    Part of the Avant-Garde movement. Used art through mass production and industry. “Artists should go into the factory.” Example: Lissitzky “Beat the Whites with the Red Wedge”    Who were the Futurists?    Advocated “aggressive action, new beauty, beauty of speed…destroy museams, libraries, academies” The spirit of the machine, and rapid change. Dampened by WWI. Example: Giacomo Balla, “Dynamism of a Dog” What are some visual characteristics of “Postmodern” art or architecture?    The simultaneous presence of diverse traditions in a single work. Embrace contradiction. Unwilling to accept a single point of view. Examples: Frank Gehry, “Guggenheim Museum” and Richard Meier’s, “Atheneum” What are some visual characteristics of “International Style” architecture?    Austere geometric simplicity. A language of beauty universal to all. Example: Mies van
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der Rone, “Segram Building” Who was responsible for  Horizons  and what was it?    A book by Norman Bel Geddes that showcased his experimental transportation designs, and influenced the production of the Chrysler “Airflow” According to Maul, who were the first “modern” architects? Why? 
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Art study guide notes - What initially drew artists to the...

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