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Walmart business ethics

Walmart business ethics - Analysis of Walmart's Business...

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-1 Analysis of Walmart’s Business Practices From and Ethical Standpoint I feel that Wal-mart’s business practices are ethical. Wal-Mart holds the stigma of the world’s largest retail superstore. This has allowed it to achieve both great success and a very high profile public image. Wal-Mart undeniable provides many goods for society however it is also scrutinized by many for its aggressive business practices, especially those regarding employee care and its interaction with local business. Wal-Mart is the business epitome of the American economic system. It is also important to ask if in an economic system a corporation has responsibilities outside the narrow limits of actual business, this is the idea of corporate social responsibility or CSR. CSR comes down to two points for me: a business should be navigated in a direction consistent with the socioeconomic compass for the region where it operates; furthermore, this company should constantly be striving for excellence under the guidance of these values. The most obvious insights to a region’s economic bearing would be a countries laws as well as the way other businesses are encouraged to act. (The only complication in using this view is that businesses will often operate in numerous regions and therefore be subjected to many, possibly conflicting, rules of ethics. Due to the brevity of this essay my focus will be on ethics in the scope of American business.)
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Walmart operates in the capitalistic economy of the United States, thus it is regulated by laws made to encourage free trade and competition between businesses, such interaction is typically understood to provide cheaper goods for consumers and foster a flourishing market. The limited laws that regulate Wal-mart’s business come down to minimum payment for employees and paying tax on its profits.
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Walmart business ethics - Analysis of Walmart's Business...

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