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A presoc 1 - just shows how these great thinkers had to...

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Zach Garcia Honors 111 A presocratics reader A Presocratics Reader The thing that I found most interesting about this book was first how simple it really was. When I first found out that we had to read this book I was not really happy because I thought that it would be dry and hard to understand. But after reading the book I found it actually very enjoyable. It was funny because many of the things that they were saying seemed very simple and almost common sense. But when you think about it, before these people thought about these things they were not commonsense. Somebody had to first think about them for it to be a part of how everybody else thinks. A lot of what was being said are things that we know no now were controversial when they were first introduced but the thing that I found interesting was that the people that were first saying them were not the people that are famous for making those ideas mainstream. That
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Unformatted text preview: just shows how these great thinkers had to piggyback on each others ideas and expand on them because no one else was going to develop the ideas for them. I thought that the most interesting thing was some of the excerpts. Some of them said things like how the earth was a sphere. That came way before people actually came to believe that the earth was not flat. One of my favorite quotes that I read was that “Dogs bark at what they do not know.” The reason that I loved it so much is that I interpreted the quote and applied it more to how humans react. We mock what we do not know and that is how ignorance is born. I felt that the way that that these great thinkers knew about human nature and were able to articulate it was very impressive....
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