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Zach Garcia Honors 111 Aristotle The Good life revisited The thing that caught me most off guard by this book was how similar and how different this was compared to the Platonic Dialogue that we have read earlier this semester. Plato’s version was very vague which was based off of what Socrates said. Socrates was known for giving vague and confusing answers. Aristotle’s version of the good life was confusing but not vague at all. What Aristotle did was take certain situations and show how they could not be the ultimate good. First he showed that each situation like strategy’s ultimate good was winning a battle. Then he showed how life’s ultimate good was being happy. But you can’t just be happy for one day or one moment but that it had to be a lifetime of happiness that would contribute to the good life.
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Unformatted text preview: Then when Aristotle spoke about politics he also spoke very similarly. He spoke of how people would want policies that were best for them. But then he put that same kind of logic to that and said that the best type of politics are those that do the most amount of good for the largest amount of people, sometimes ignoring what is best for you. These comparisons seem like common sense but the way that they are talked about still make me think about them in depth and how they can be applied to common life. My question for this book is that we have read Plato and now Aristotle and we know that Plato wrote about Socrates. Are Aristotle’s views very similar to Socrates or are they evolving through the teachers and over time?...
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