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Zach Garcia Honors 111 Marathon Marathon to Parthenon (I know this one is a little late but I still want to write it) This was for me one of the more difficult documents to get through. I was interested in the material but it was a lot of information in a very quick 22 or so pages. But after reading it I defiantly got a new perspective on how architecture can really improve a work of literature or just a story in general. The way that the pictures coincided with the readings and how going from one to the other can really improve how you see both as a whole. From a picture of the Acropolis I would be able to see the beautiful architecture but I would not be able to see the inner details, I am just not one of those people that can pick that stuff up. But being able to work form the text and re-enforce it
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Unformatted text preview: with the pictures really does help. As for the Battle of Marathon itself I thought that it seemed to be a bigger deal than I thought. This was the main question that I had for this reading. If this battle can be regarded as one of the major turning points of Greek culture then why is not talked about more as a huge or even bigger part of history. I have studied Ancient history before and I know that we covered this topic, but at the same time I do not remember giving it this much weight as it seems like it should be given after reading this text. If this was the battle that Athens hung it hat on, and that got the other city-states involved in the war such as Sparta then why is it not looked on by more people as one of the biggest parts of Greek history....
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