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Zach Garcia Honors 111 Plato’s the republic The Republic This was one of the more interesting books that we have read this year. I did not know much about Socrates or about what his life was like. But this book shed some light on what he was all about. When in book 1 Socrates is refuting everybody’s definition I found that I had to read his part a few times to understand what he was saying, but after understanding it I found that he really understood how to dissect an argument and really look at what words mean and how to put them together to make them do what you want. It was interesting how Socrates would never give his own version of what he thought justice is. It seemed like he was uneasy when he was asked to explain it. This made me think that Socrates himself did not how to perfectly define it he just knew what it was not.
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Unformatted text preview: Later in the book Socrates shows that it is hard to explain the good but very easy to explain what is bad and what would be the most unjust and that from the most unjust or bad we can work our way back towards the most just or he good. The allegory of the cave was the best part of the book. Im sure that most people enjoy this and that is why it such a famous metaphor. After talking about it in class and how it was similar to the movie The Matrix I really liked seeing how Socrates thought about education. I still think that is how education still works today. The goal is to take people out of the darkness and expose them to the most light possible....
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