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Zach Garcia Honors 111 If not winter Fragments of Sappho I know that this essay is going to sound like everyone else’s but I think that it is hard to write an original essay with this type of book. This book did not take long to read for obvious reasons but the fragments that were there were normally pretty good. It was hard to get any real meaning out of most of the book. But there were parts where there was enough information to decipher some sort of meaning. I really liked her passages about her inner turmoil. It was known that Sappho was a lesbian and that some thought that she had less than desirable morals. But even though it is a fragment the part that says, “I don’t know what to do two states of mind in me.” This selection speaks loudly that she knew that she was fighting herself and that she was confused about who she was as a
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Unformatted text preview: person. Because the only thing we have is fragments, we do no know if things are being taken out f context but she also has writing that speak about how sad she is because “she” has left her. Taken at face value I would say that se is writing about a lover that has left her but because we have no background it is hard to get anything but face value out of these writings. That is the most interesting thing about this book. The reason that it is so hard to decipher any meaning is because of how little we have left. The pieces that are missing are so numerous and so large that to me this book was largely nothing the pages with two words on them don’t mean anything because they are only two word from probably a large poem and to me no meaning can be found from two words....
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