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coms media notes - what you see becomes what you talk...

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5/29/07 Mass Communication Media are an industry The media industry creates a product The product exists to sell advertising The product created by the media industry has an effect on us The media product The media creates representations These representations create “fetishes” The fetishes sell commodities Use value- something useful, good price range Exchange value- product more expensive, better quality Surplus value- product that will increase in value Media effects Behavior model - the actions we see/read about affect the way we act and behave (media/violence) Cultural diffusion model - media can play a role in 4 different things on how you receive the media Gatekeeping - making the choice of what is going to be the news for the day Agenda setting
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Unformatted text preview: - what you see becomes what you talk about (follows gatekeeping Stereotypes Cultivation The media creates representations The representations skew our reality Computer mediated communication Computer is made of communication Sychronaus-telephone- ability to talk at the same time VS asynchronous-take turns Types of asynchronous communication Electronic mail Bulletin board systems Instant messaging Audio video conferencing Multi use environment CMC in community formation Physical communities- practice, class Virtual communities- solely in cyber space- online chat room, half life Physical communities can develop virtual communities The digital divide- some people don’t have internet and can’t use the technology...
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