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MLA - Oedipus Complex - Oedipus Complex Emily Rushton th 6...

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Oedipus Complex Emily Rushton 4/13/07 6 th hour College English Throughout William Shakespeare’s, “ Hamlet ,” it has been thought that the protagonist struggled with incestuous thoughts of his own mother, Gertrude. Hamlet’s father, King Hamlet, was murdered just two months prior to his mother’s marriage to his uncle, Claudius. Hamlet was openly upset with his mother for deceiving his father and his anger was rendered into hate for the very woman that bore him. When his father’s ghost appeared, Hamlet learned of his Uncle Claudius’ treacherous act of murder. Due to his profuse greed, Claudius murdered King Hamlet, married his wife and caused Hamlet’s ultimate insanity and hate for his mother. Hamlet’s insanity was provoked by the death of his father, his mother’s marriage to Claudius and her blatant betrayal of her own son. Hamlet’s hate has been misconstrued into an Oedipal complex, or deep lust for his mother, but actors and critics have falsely portrayed this complex and the lack of evidence is prevalent in Hamlet’s own words and actions. If Hamlet did indeed have an Oedipus complex, he would have aggressive and vile feelings towards his father, and maybe enough hate to kill him himself. Hamlet’s devotion for his father was evident when his mother, Gertrude, announced her marriage to Claudius and Hamlet stated, “O, most wicked speed, to post with such dexterity to incestuous sheets! It is not, nor it cannot come to good; But break my heart, —for I must hold my tongue,” (Shakespeare 1992, Act
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MLA - Oedipus Complex - Oedipus Complex Emily Rushton th 6...

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