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cp 1 - Please call by Tuesday with your answers to these...

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Zack Nagel Busa 207 wingra 1 Zack Nagel Wingra Family Practice Clinic 2278 Norwood Place Middleton, WI 52247 May 8, 2010 Dr. Susanna Trevay James Madison Medical Center 56 Ingersoll Drive Madison, WI 53788 Dear Dr. Trevay: Thank you so much for agreeing to lecture about early childhood vaccinations on Friday, May 21. Before I can publicize your talk, I need some information.
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Unformatted text preview: Please call by Tuesday with your answers to these questions: Which vaccines will you cover in detail? Will you discuss common immune responses to vaccine antigens? Would you be willing to take questions from the audience? Will you provide hand-outs with suggested vaccination schedules? Sincerely, Zachary C. Nagel Wingra Family Practice Clinic...
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