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The Reichstag Essay - Dutton i The Reichstag resides in...

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Dutton i The Reichstag resides in Berlin, Germany as a symbol of the turbulent and intricate history of the German people and their government. From its original construction beginning in 1884 through the final reconstruction in the 1990’s, the Reichstag is a national symbol that tells a story consistent with the rise and fall of the German Third Reich and Germany’s eventual reunification that would make it the official home of the German Bundestag in 1999. The history of this building begins in 1872 with a newly united Germany (Reichstag, 2001). With the German Parliament, or “Reichstag”, trying to meet in buildings that could not accommodate their size, it was decided that a building should be constructed solely for the purpose of housing the Reichstag (Reichstag, 2001). This is where the building gets its name. The Reichstag was the name of the original German Parliament of the German Empire. The German word “reich” translates into English as “empire”. That year, 1872, a contest consisting of 103 contestants was held to find a suitable design for the new building (Reichstag, 2001). However, the design winner was never decided on because of arguments between Wilhelm I, Otto Von Bismarck, and the Reichstag (Reichstag, 2001). In 1882 a second contest was held to find another design (Reichstag, 2001). This time a design by a Frankfurter named Paul Wallot would win (Reichstag, 2001). With the new design settled on, construction began, under Wilhelm I, when the foundation was laid on June 9, 1884 (Reichstag, 2001). Wilhelm I died on March 9, 1888 and is succeeded by Fredrick III who is ill with cancer and dies after only 99 days of rule (Year of Three, 2007). Fredrick’s son, Wilhelm II, then is declared ruler on June 15 th of the same year (Year of Three, 2007). This year is famous in German culture and known as Dreikaiserjahr” or “Year of three Emperors” (Year of Three, 2007). On December 5, 1894 the
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The Reichstag Essay - Dutton i The Reichstag resides in...

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