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Critical Essay 1 - Violence in Soccer When comparing...

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Violence in Soccer When comparing European professional soccer to American professional soccer, it is obvious which is much more exciting . That excitement is a direct reflection on the people who attend those games . When watching the two on television, European fans are clearly more into the game, which can sometimes cause problems including violence . In the essay Factors Precipitating Fan Violence: A Comparison of Professional Soccer in Britain and North America by Alan Roadburg, he argues that crowd violence will continue to be associated with the game in Britain, but not in North America . Soccer in America is brand new compared to soccer in Britain, and because of that, there are a lot of rivalries that have sprung up in Britain over the years . The rivalries and the violence that comes with it are seen at soccer matches throughout England . A rivalry can become so intense that people can sometimes be killed by an opposing fan . Roadburg did research for five months to back up his arguments about British soccer . Violence has become a problem in soccer in Britain and sometime needs to be done so that it hopefully will not take place in North America . Violence is not new to British soccer . When the game was first developed, it was played between rival villages . Since there were no rules, damage to property and opposing players was common (Roadburg 266) . Even though over the years rules have been put into effect, there is still violence within the fans . In 1977 an exhibition match in England was stopped after 53 minutes because the supporters rushed the field . Due to the incident, 99 people were arrested
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and 20 were injured (Roadburg 265) . Roadburg also argues “that because of the difference between the two soccer situations, the former is more conducive to crowd violence that the latter .” Soccer or as they call it in England, football, is dated back to the early 14 th century .
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Critical Essay 1 - Violence in Soccer When comparing...

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