Proposal 1 - Pain at the Pump Over that past few years the...

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Pain at the Pump Over that past few years the price for gasoline has gone up at a steady rate, and prices show no sign of looking back . I can remember when I was growing up and the price for a gallon of gasoline was just under one dollar . Since the prices have gone up, I have had to take action in order to spend less money on gas . However, this can be very restricting at times . Many other Americans have also begun to cut down on driving to help their own bank accounts . Gas prices have become way too high, and I feel it is time to make changes in that ways that we use gasoline that will benefit everyone . As time goes on the prices of gas will only get worse . According to the Energy Information Administration, in October of 1997, a mere 10 years ago, the price of regular gasoline was $1 . 16 per gallon . Since then, the price of gasoline per gallon has gone up tremendously now costing drivers up to $2 . 85 . In summer months, gasoline prices sometimes reach highs up to $3 . 21 (Retail Gasoline Historical Prices) . Every day we watch the news and listen to the radio only to hear reports of the cost of oil reaching new highs . We need to make changes now that will help all people in the long run . Senator Barack Obama said, "Now's the time to call for innovation and sacrifice from those institutions that can make a difference: the auto industry, the oil industry, the federal government . " Being
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in a family with eight people, my family takes road trips very often . The whole reason for driving to far destinations, instead of flying, is because it is cheaper than buying plane tickets for everybody . If gas prices keep elevating, they could really hurt and limit a family’s travel plans . These high prices are going to eventually cause huge changes which can seem hard and intimidating, but necessary . There are many ideas out there to solve the problem at hand but these ideas are pointless unless someone takes action
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Proposal 1 - Pain at the Pump Over that past few years the...

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