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12 February 2008 I. (Part 1) The Company would need a fast internet connection to quickly search the web for the necessary items they need. They would also need a router capable of routing to at least 20 computers so with that router they would need a switch. Also a large amount of Cat 5 cable would be needed along with at least 20 computers for each of the sets of 3 shifts. II. (Part 2) 1. While the option is cheap it is very slow and mildly pointless cause of the slow speed of
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Unformatted text preview: dialup, clients will be better off doing the research themselves. 2. This option is much more sensible and will be beneficial because of the highspeed internet. 3. This option is a good idea it will provide some good speed for all the computers but it is far too expensive for the necessary needs. 4. This option is incredibly slow like the first option but it is slower and very cheap and would cause the employees computers to be ever slower....
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