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history of BME - used for today His invention broadened the...

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Yasaman Zahedi Intro to BME The History of Biomedical Engineering Given the root of Biomedical Engineering it has been around since the beginning of life. The root is to improve the quality of life. Any technology that will assist a doctor or a patient was invented by a biomedical engineer whether it is an ultra sound or simply crutches. One cannot know the entire history since it stems back into ancient time which have not even been recorded. Yet was is known about the history today has influenced the lives of many. A major breakthrough in the biomedical engineering field was the creation of the X-ray. In 1895 William Roetgen stumbled upon the fact that a sheet of paper with barium platinocyanide will glow using a cathode-ray. He discovered that it occurred because of unknown “X” rays and made them what they are
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Unformatted text preview: used for today. His invention broadened the spectrum for many other technologies that use the X-ray as a foundation for their structure. It allowed us to view the body without making incisions. It assisted in more accurate diagnosis of patients and changed the way medicine functioned. Around World War I biomedical engineering began to expand with increased research facilities. The facilities mainly focused on ionizing radiation and understanding the effects of X-rays on tissues. Once that expanded interest grew in medical electronics leading to discoveries . The biomedical engineering field is just beginning. With the advancement of stem cell research the future of biomedical engineering is promising. It creates huge outlets of the future that will change the lives of many to come....
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