Week 8 - • Direct Primary – voters choose the nominee...

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Week 8 Political parties On going collation of groups that are joined together to nominate candidates and to elect them under a common label. Made up of a lot of different groups. Democratic Party o Blue collar, women, minority (non white), gays/lesbians Party centered politics Party leaders choose the nominees Candidate centered politics (where we live in) Self selecting themselves to run in politics Progressive Movement 1880’s-1900’s political parties began to lose power and move towards candidate Make government more honest (less corrupt) Wanted to make the process more democratic Reforms 1 st reform - Australian ballot (secret ballot) 2 nd Reform - Non partisan ballot (no party label) 3 rd Reform – Initiative ballot (voter can get issue placed directly on ballot so everyone can vote on it.)
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Unformatted text preview: • Direct Primary – voters choose the nominee History of parties • Federalists o Led by Hamilton o Wanted a stronger federal government o Support from elites and professionals o 1789-1800 • Anti-federalists (other party) o Democratic – Republican o Jeffersonian Republican party o 1789-1820’s o 1800-1824 One party system (era of good feelings) • 1820’s – 1850’s Wig Party o opposition to the democrats • Democrats still around • 1854 New Party – Republicans o Form over slavery o Still around today o Founding place is claimed to be in Jackson, MI • Election of 1860 o Breaks down along the sectional lines o Northern democratic, southern democratic, constitutional union party Boarder states, and republicans •...
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Week 8 - • Direct Primary – voters choose the nominee...

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