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Field Botany Species List Biology 152L Spring 2008 These 100 species were selected as some of the most common species found in the Midwest. A few important species from other parts of North America are included. Photos of these species are available for viewing and study on PowerPoint files on Blackboard. These are the common names arranged by family. Genera are presented for some species to show relatedness. Expectations: 1) Identify these species by sight (photograph, voucher, or living plant). There will be sufficient material (combination of leaves, bark, flowers, twigs, etc.) for identification. It will helpful to look at other pictures (e.g., guidebooks or Websites) to provide a larger impression. By doing some research, you will discover that many have diagnostic identification clues. 2) General biogeography, or where found. Is it a native or non-native species? 3) Basic ecology, mainly the general habitat they utilize:
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Unformatted text preview: forest, savanna, prairie, wetlands. Group 1a (20 taxa) Cupressaceae Eastern red cedar, Juniperus Pinaceae White pine Ponderosa pine Red pine Pinus Jack pine Scot’s pine Austrian pine Blue spruce Picea Norway spruce White fir, Abies Douglas-fir Eastern hemlock Aceraceae Boxelder Silver maple Acer Hard maple Anacardiaceae Smooth sumac Caprifoliacee Honeysuckle species Cornaceae Dogwood species Oleaceae Green ash, Fraxinus Tiliaceae Basswood, Tilia Group 1b (20 taxa) Betulacee Ironwood Paper birch Fabaceae Honey locust Black locust Redbud Fagaceae Bur oak Red oak Quercus White oak Juglandaceae Black walnut, Juglans Shagbark hickory Bitternut hickory Carya Rosaceae Black cherry Wild plum species Salicaceae Eastern cottonwood Quaking aspen Populus Black willow, Salix Ulmacee Elm species, Ulmus Hackberry, Celtis Vitaceae Virginia creeper, Parthenocissus Wild grape, Vitis...
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  • Botany, Trees of Michigan, Trees of Canada, Trees of North Carolina, Trees of Alabama, Juglans Shagbark hickory Bitternut hickory Carya Acer Rosaceae Black, pine Austrian pine

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