Experiment 5 Write Up

Experiment 5 Write Up - Purpose: To measure the force...

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Purpose: To measure the force between two long parallel conductors each with a current, and to find the permeability of free space. Procedure: 1. Set up figure 3 and make sure the leads connected to the posts leave at right angles with the conductors. 2. Remove frame from balance, clean edges, bearings and bars. 3. Adjust counterweight behind the mirror until the frame oscillates freely and rests with the horizontal bar a few mm above the stationary bar. 4. Mark period of oscillation 1-2 seconds. Should be resting after 10-15 seconds (when poles of the magnets are 2 mm apart. 5. Measure L of upper front bar (center to center) to support bars. Measure lever arm distance from knife edge to center of the front bar. 6. Do for both sides and take the mean distance. Measure the diameter of the upper conducting bar. 7. Depress upper bar to touch the lower bar. 8. Add madd to weight pan, increase the current until the scale reading has returned to equilibrium. Read ammeter and record current. 9. Repeat step 8 unsing increasing weight increments. 10. Plot W vs. I 2 Data:
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Results: The length of the bar (L) was measured to be 0.265 m with a bar diameter (2r) of 0.003 m. The mean distance from the knife edge (a) to the bar was 0.2165 m. The
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Experiment 5 Write Up - Purpose: To measure the force...

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