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Double Sided Toast

Double Sided Toast - Double Sided Toast In the play True...

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Double Sided Toast In the play True West by Sam Sheppard we see a mixture of possible themes. The theme that emerges the most to me is the toast and the toasters scene. Toast and toasters symbolize Austin and Lee's double-sided nature in life. Austin comes in as a prominent writer and leaves as a drunk with no future in sight. While his brother Lee comes in as a drunk and leaves with the possibility of becoming an accredited writer. There are many struggles along the way and neither seems to have anything going for them in their lives. “We're not insane. Were not driven to acts of violence like that. Not over a dumb movie script” (Shepard 24). This was a quote by Austin early in the play which later becomes a very ironic line. Austin is a writer with an Ivy League education. While Lee, on the other hand, is ten years older and has no career and lives out on the dessert. They are complete opposites. If we look at both of the characters we see a dramatic shift in life choices. Lee becomes the writer while Austin just wants to live the rest of his life out on the desert. After Lee gets his script over Austin then Austin really begins to lose it.
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