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aviation 120 Study guide - P osition lights S ource of...

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Aviation 120 Study Guide A - Airworthiness certificate R - Registration R - Radio license (only need for international travel) O - Pilots operating handbook (POH) W - Weight and balance T achometer O il pressure M anifold pressure A ltimeter T emperature sensor (liquid-cooled) O il temperature (air cooled) F uel gauge L anding gear position A irspeed indicator M agnetic compass E LT S eat belts F uses (spares) or circuit breakers L anding light (if for hire) A nticollision lights
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Unformatted text preview: P osition lights S ource of electricity A - Annual (12 calendar months) V - VORs (30 days) I - 100 hour (if used for hire) A - Altimeter & Pitot/Static (24 calendar months) T - Transponder (24 calendar months) E - ELT (12 Calendar mo., 1/2 life battery date, 1 Hr. cumulative use) Airworthiness Airworthiness directive/service bulletins...
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