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Lecture 3 - Lecture 3 CHECKS AND BALANCES Legislative...

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Lecture 3 CHECKS AND BALANCES Legislative Branch Power to impeach President ( CHECK EXECUTIVE) Power to declare war Approve nominees ( CHECK EXECUTIVE) Approve judges/justices ( CHECK JUDICIAL) Control appellate jurisdiction of court ( CHECK JUDICIAL) Approve budget ( CHECK EXECUTIVE) Determine salary budget of courts, can only increase the pay ( CHECK JUDICIAL) Override veto ( CHECK EXECUTIVE) Impeach Judicial officials ( CHECK JUDICIAL) Executive Branch Veto ( CHECK LEGISLATIVE) Nominate Federal Judges ( CHECK JUDICIAL) Judicial Branch Declare laws/orders/acts (judicial review) unconstitutional ( CHECK EXECUTIVE/LEGISLATIVE) Legislative Branch U.S. Congress – bicameral legislature o U.S. HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES- 435 members Number based on population 2 years Direct election from district Reapportionment Speaker (Nancy Pelosi) Majority Leader (Steny Hoyer) Majority Whip (James Clyburn Minority Leader (John Boehner) Minority Whip (Roy
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  • United States Congress, United States Senate, United States House of Representatives, Majority leader, Minority Whip

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