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I. Post Holocaust Theology a. Deutoronomy- theodicy= following covenant avoids suffering b. Ecclesiastes- theodicy= larger plan we can’t understand c. Job- theodicy= covenant d. 1. Biblical Era i. God contacted by hb through prophecy, temple ritual ii. God directly punishes or rewards Israel iii. God= senior partner e. 2. Rabbinic Era i. 2 nd temple destruction ii. God can be found in more places 1. Less manifest iii. H.b are more free to act iv. More equal Partnership
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Unformatted text preview: f. 3. Present Era i. God is everywhere ii. Not intervening or giving laws iii. Simply exists iv. God suffered alongside humans v. Suffered pain more than humans b/c no escape of death vi. Human beings as senior partners vii. God doesn’t command II. Cynthia Ozick, “The Shawl” a. P. 287 in the reader b. Contemporary writer i. American born ii. Born in 40’s iii. Not a survivor iv. Known for this story v....
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