March 17 JRC

March 17 JRC - I Reform Movement a Reform Judaism in...

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I. Reform Movement a. Reform Judaism in America Today i. Synagogue- called a “temple” 1. Link btwn. the original form of Judaism 2. Used to refer to any place of worship in the 19 th century ii. Men and women sit together iii. Leader of service can be male or female iv. Service will be in English/Local language v. Only a little bit in Hebrew vi. Sermon taught by leader vii. Prayers stress universal values 1. Social justice 2. Peace viii.Musical instrument- guitar/organ ix. Recently written prayers- last 50 years 1. More than in other context x. 1850’s-1860’s foundation b. Origins i. Began in Germany at end of 18 th cent. ii. Flourished-19 th cent. iii. Early reformers 1. David Freelander a. 1750-1834 b. Student of Mendellsohn i. Observed Shabbat and Kosher c. Participate in modern life while maintaining Judaism
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d. Petitioned synagogue in Berlin to eliminate Kabbalistic (irrational) elements in prayer book e. Wrote a new prayer book 2. The Society of Friends- 1814 a. Wanted to hold a commemorative service
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March 17 JRC - I Reform Movement a Reform Judaism in...

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