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believedoubt - brought up and your level of education and...

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Liza Spratlin 8-january-08 Tillman English 250 Age discrimination has been an ongoing debate, because the question is who is allowed to have the authority to say what age is mature and which are not? We need a solution everyone will agree to. The main law that makes no sense is how can boys at the age of eighteen be drafted to leave their homes and fight for their country, and they are not allowed to consume alcohol until they are twenty-one? This law could let a boy die in a war before he ever tasted alcohol making it not a just law. The government should reconsider these laws, and decide who says who is mature and when. Each person in the United States matures at a different rate. It depends on where you’re from, how you were
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Unformatted text preview: brought up, and your level of education and common sense. I don’t think the government should be able to decide when people have matured. If these Age Laws were not in practice right now, the young people of the United States would be drinking alcohol at any age they wanted, they would be driving even earlier than sixteen, and they would see R-rated movies whenever they felt they were mature. The government felt it was important to have common age laws for the states to try and prevent very young drinking and driving. They feel a teen’s brain has not fully developed until around 19 or 20, which is why raising the driving age has also been a debate that has been tossed around....
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