Manifest Destiny and the Sectional Crisis

Manifest Destiny and the Sectional Crisis - Manifest...

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Manifest Destiny and the Sectional Crisis American Expansionism New states coming into US, people wonder how this is going to happen, who decides if sates are slave or free o Manifest Destiny Most Americans agree that the US is going to continue to expand westward, the idea of manifest destiny is established before the term is, term is established in 1845, Manifest Destiny- God ordained, fate, inevitable, it’s going to happen, idea is depicted in paintings and writings, o The Louisiana Purchase Causes a lot of problems, nothing in the Constitution says what to do or how territory comes to the US, people aren’t sure, really problematic, people want to make sure that things are balanced, balance between slave and free, and north and south, even number of free and slave states, o Missouri Compromise Problem when Missouri applies to become a state, 36 th parallel is thought as the dividing line between north and south, Mason-Dixon line, Missouri is technically in the north, but many southerners had migrated there with their slaves, pretty clear that it will become a slave state, but others don’t think that is right because it is in North, attach amendment to Constitution, the Tallmadge amendment which says Missouri can’t have slavery because it is above the line, think it is a way to try and stop slavery so south is fearful, north are afraid too because Missouri represents slavery in the north and could extend everywhere, folks in north had begun to buy into idea of the slave power conspiracy- southerners are trying to dominate government to spread slavery across the US, Henry Clay- the great compromiser, creates the Missouri Compromise- makes perfect sense, says that from now on, that above Mason-Dixon line- no slavery, below- slavery, except for Missouri, which will have slavery, and Maine will come in as a free state, everything works out fine, first public debate over slavery and extension o The Texas Situation Texas is the only state to first be independent before becoming a part of the union,
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Manifest Destiny and the Sectional Crisis - Manifest...

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