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How the Horse changed the face of war

How the Horse changed the face of war - English 279 How the...

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English 279 How the Horse Changed the Face of War The horse is an animal that the human race has depended on for thousands of years. They have been used for everything from transportation, to waging war, and even for playing games. However, the horse in its original form was far too small to be able to perform the duties asked of it. Therefore, they were bred to become bigger and stronger, which at the time allowed people to begin using them as the major source of transportation. It wasn’t until this giant step in transportation that the men known as Scythians out of Central Asia and surrounding areas developed the revolutionary idea of the horse as a machine of war. Little did they know that this idea would change the face of war for thousands of years (Bronowski 80). The connection between the horse and man goes back nearly 5000 years when they were originally kept by farmers for their milk and meat. They then began to use them for pulling carts or chariots for the wealthy. It wasn’t until 4000 years ago that man discovered how to ride the horse, which for the people of this time had to be a monumental achievement. Man could now travel farther and faster then ever before. This would prove to be a distinct advantage to the few groups of people that had access to them (Bronowski 79-80). A single person or a horse standing alone is nothing extraordinary. But, when a man is placed upon a horse it is a very awe-inspiring sight indeed. This was duly noted in 1532, when the armies of Peru exhibited great awe and fear for the Spaniards. Then they overpowered them on horseback. Long before this however, the Scythians invaded
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the Greeks on horseback. The Greeks believed that the horse and rider were actually a
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How the Horse changed the face of war - English 279 How the...

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