The Impact of the sword on war

The Impact of the sword on war - English 279 The Impact of...

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English 279 The Impact of the Sword on War The sword is a weapon that has been around for nearly 6,000 years and has gone through too many changes to count. It seems like a rather simple weapon doesn’t it? A piece of metal is placed on a handle and then sharpened to a fine, cutting edge. However, there is far more work involved in making a quality sword. It must be rock hard, but still flexible enough as to not break when placed under the pressure of striking an object. The sword is something the Samurai, of Japan, are internationally famous for. Their beautiful armor composed of steel strips, and the exquisite swords they always had at their sides. But, the swords use was not solely used for war. It was used for executions in Europe up until about 1850, and thieves were frequently punished with the removal of one of their hands if they were caught stealing something. The sword has single-handedly changed the face of war forever (Bronowski 126, CACSA). Every great invention must have a beginning and the sword is no different. Its story begins around 5000 BC in the Middle East with the discovery of copper. People now had at their disposal a metal that they could shape into any form they desired, and what they wanted was a sword. However, copper is too soft of a metal to hold an edge. This was a real problem for crafters of the day. They soon discovered the alloy bronze, which seemed better than copper in nearly every way,
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The Impact of the sword on war - English 279 The Impact of...

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