religion- reaction paper #2

religion- reaction paper #2 - does take place and the greed...

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Miriam Khan Religious Quest 9/10/07 Reaction Paper #2 There are three main dimensions of religious understanding and communication that Ghazali and Ali propose. These unstated presuppositions cover critical points in the religion of Islam however, it is up to the reader to judge their understandings. Al-Ghazali’s life long purpose was “trying to integrate all the science and forms of learning of his day, both tradition and scientific, within a perspective dominated and unified by the spiritual insights, understand and practices of Islamic spirituality”. The first dimension is developed from the passionate attachment and the eagerness of some group to seek power and denomination by getting the masses to follow them. I can see Ghazali’s point of view although if one is a true believer in any religion they believe that it has come from god and humans have had no influence on his writings and teachings. Therefore I do not agree with him directly. Although corruption
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Unformatted text preview: does take place and the greed for power is a natural human condition, which can lead to the battle between different groups. The second meaning of madhhab is to provide whatever is appropriate in guidance and teaching to whoever comes seeking to learn or to be guided. I agree with this dimension because it is only good nature to help someone in need or to help someone who helps them self. If someone of a less fortunate up bringing wants to learn more about god and religion, one who is knowledgeable should be obligated to share and spread their beliefs. The third meaning of madhhab is what a person believes in their innermost self and no one other than god is aware of it. I also agree with this as everyones’ innermost feelings and prayers should be kept between the person and god....
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religion- reaction paper #2 - does take place and the greed...

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