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Quiz on Plautus - c Slaves& characters of low standing...

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Quiz on Plautus Overview: 1) Clever slave a) Provides exposition and humor b) Drives the plot i) Slaves tricking masters 2) Lusty old man a) Wants to be with younger women 3) Female characters a) Mulier-women of citizen class & marriage age b) Virgo- virgins c) Ancilla- household slaves d) Anus- old household slaves Writing: 1) Proverbs a) Addresses genres such as law, religion, medicines, trades, crafts, and seafaring b) At the end of soliloquies 2) Greek within the text a) Greek words used to describe foods, oils, perfumes b) Gave Latin-speaking Romans a Greek flare
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Unformatted text preview: c) Slaves & characters of low standing speak much Greek i) Roman slaves might have been of Greek origin 3) Use of Meter a) Didn’t use Greek Meter 4) Prologue a) Usually slave to draw audience attention 5) Role reversal- slave & master Summaries 1) The Pot of Gold a) Plot revolves around a pot of gold b) Euclio- miserly old man i) Has a daughter (phaedria who is pregnant) c) Lars Familiaris (household deity) opens with a prologue of how he let Euclio find a pot of gold in his house...
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