Barack Obama - It was unexpected because this type of...

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Barack Obama “A More Perfect Union” Josh Smith Presidential hopeful Barack Obama starts his already famous speech in a similar fashion as Abraham Lincoln’s “Emancipation Proclamation”. I think this is a useful way for him to capture the audience’s attention from the start. Such small but useful tips can turn an average speech into a great one and an average speaker into a superb one. The similarities were the very first thing that I noticed and I am quite sure that others did the very same. In this speech, Obama is much more honest than any other presidential candidate I’ve ever seen. He addresses the nation in honestly and whole-heartedly. In doing this, he took a huge risk. Some may see his attempt as ridiculous, as he addresses racism and his ethnicity early and openly. Others identify his risk as a pure, honest version of the truth. Something that the country needed in during this time of turmoil. I think that he did a great thing with his honesty.
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Unformatted text preview: It was unexpected because this type of speech was unprecedented. My favorite aspect of Obama’s speech was the fact that he appeared completely unafraid and almost willing to deliver facts that he absolutely did not have to. He addresses his audience about his white grandmother when he absolutely did not need to. Most of us probably did not even know of this until this speech. It may have been unnecessary but that is what makes it so compelling. He admits to America that she has made racist remarks and judged unfairly. She raised him and taught him morals and values and she was a racist. I think his admittance to this truth is unbelievable. “A More Perfect Union”, as delivered by Barack Obama is undoubtedly go down as one of the greatest speeches ever. It was well written and well delivered. It was the content though, with its unprecedented honesty and purity that will secure a place in the history books....
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Barack Obama - It was unexpected because this type of...

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