ENG COMP biggest lie 10-25-06

ENG COMP biggest lie 10-25-06 - Ryan Rice Eng Comp II...

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Ryan Rice Eng Comp II – Turner November 2, 2006 The Biggest Lie I Ever Told Staring at the huge pile of money, I finally allowed myself to breathe. My hands were shaking as I arranged the stack of $100 dollar bills, and little rivulets of sweat crept down my forehead. I could hear my heart beating over the noise in the room, so I calmly excused myself, saying something about a cigarette to no one in particular. As I walked away from the robbery, I was finally able to relax, and a hint of a smile was beginning to form at the corners of my mouth. I could not believe it had been that easy. A little (big) lie and the money was mine. Checking over my shoulder, I realized I had escaped without a scratch, and none of the people were looking in my direction. Rounding the corner, I pulled out a victory cigarette, lighting the tobacco and inhaling the sweet smoke of triumph. Unfortunately, I was not looking where I was going, and walked right into a large, intimidating man scanning the crowd around me. “Hey there, I’ve been looking for you.” he said, looking at my flushed face, shaking cigarette, and deep breaths. “Yasser!” I exclaimed, happy to see a familiar face. He could tell immediately that I was proud of something; he just did not know what. “Ok, we are going to have to take a seat for this story,” I told my friend,
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ENG COMP biggest lie 10-25-06 - Ryan Rice Eng Comp II...

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