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psych assignment movie review - This film relates to...

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I.D #1315437 Rob Allen The movie I picked for my assignment was “Memento” starring Guy Pearce and Carrie- Anne Moss. I chose this film because I heard very good things about it, and the concept of memory loss in a Hollywood movie looked interesting. The story line follows a man named Leonard Shelby, whose head trauma during a break in of his house causes him to loose his short term memory. Leonard only has a few minutes until he forgets what he did or said. During the break in, two men rape and kill his wife, and Leonard’s goal in life afterwards is to track down the murderer and kill John G, the name of the killer. Leonard uses a complex system of notes, pictures and tattoos to remember what he’s done and track down the killer. He is aided by an undercover cop named Teddy and a woman named Natalie, who sometimes tricks him into doing things that he will never remember for their own benefit. The movie is very confusing due to the non-chronological order of the film.
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Unformatted text preview: This film relates to psychology in that it attempts to portray a man whose hippocampus , a part of the brain which allows us to form new memories, is rendered useless. Therefore, he has no short term memory and forgets everything that happens to him within a few minutes. The main character greatly resembles a man named Henry M , who, after having part of his brain removed (temporal lobes) to alleviate the problems of epilepsy, is stripped of his ability to form new memories. The temporal lobes are the lobe at the sides of the brains cerebral cortex, which contain areas involved in memory. Henry M. could not function in the real world and had to be monitored twenty four seven to make sure that he was safe. Leonard found a way to adapt to his radical memory loss through his system of notes and tattoos, but in the end of the movie we figure out that Leonards amnesia has a costly price on those he comes into contact with....
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psych assignment movie review - This film relates to...

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