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Kaplan 1 Steven Kaplan Prof. Edwards MS 101 March 30, 2008 Election Coverage After watching 30 minutes of election coverage, I realized that the candidates will do anything to get people to vote for them. They bring together music, drama, imagery, humor, and celebrity to gain votes and popularity as the race moves forward. While watching CNN, they showed certain television commercials that some of the candidates put out. The Black Eyed Peas made a music video called “Yes we Can” and it is in support of Obama. This was the first time I saw this video and my first reaction was Wow. This must be the first music video made to support a candidate. Election coverage is on every night for hours so there is always an opportunity to watch it and everyone should take advantage of this opportunity. Surprisingly, there does not seem to be on bias when they air the election coverage. This was shocking because most politically based shows are bias towards one side.
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Unformatted text preview: The commercial is the main way to communicate political ideas and views. Each candidate uses visuals and imagery to persuade the viewer to support them. Many callers called in with their varying opinions and were all heard the same. Each Kaplan 2 candidate gets the same amount of air time as the other. It was just campaign commercial after campaign commercial in which celebrities and the candidates themselves both made appearances. Television plays a big part in the anyone’s campaign because TV is the most amusing and important thing in society today. It is how they gain all their support. If you watch enough election coverage then it is really easy to realize this. Bibliography Election Coverage . CNN. New York. 25 Mar. 2008. Postman, Neil. "Reach Out and Elect Someone." Introduction to Mass Communications (1986): 88-104....
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eleciotn - The commercial is the main way to communicate...

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