lecture 16-2008-forensic genetics

lecture 16-2008-forensic genetics - Lecture Notes 2/20/08:...

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Lecture Notes 2/20/08: Genetics Applications I: Forensic Genetics (Ch. 10: 154-155, Ch. 11: 165-168) Lecture Outline – Forensic Genetics Forensic genetics Forensic genetic examples Humans How does CSI do it? Whales “Biological samples”: Where can we get DNA from? Blood, Semen, Skin, Hair (roots), Urine, Bone, Muscle Why DNA? Cannot be erased (unlike fingerprints) Cannot be changed by suspect (unlike hair color) Can identify individuals with extremely high probability More stable than other biological samples (e.g., proteins, blood groups) Brief History – DNA in court 1987 First DNA admitted as evidence in criminal court Florida v. Tommy Lee Andrews Convicted of series of sexual assaults 1989 FBI lab accepts work from state forensic labs 1996 (National Research Council report) “… one of the most important benefits of DNA technology is clearing falsely-accused innocent suspects .” FBI statistics: ~1/3 of primary suspects in rape cases are excluded using DNA evidence Case study – snowball the cat Case study – the OJ trial The Crime Scene Monday, June 13, 1994 – “blood flowing like a river” discovered at Nicole Brown Simpson’s house Bodies of Nicole and Ron Goldman found Bloody footprints, blood on fence, bloody paper
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lecture 16-2008-forensic genetics - Lecture Notes 2/20/08:...

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