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Comparative philology= the study of codes, written language Linguistics is devoted to study of language at all levels: grammar, speech, mental capacity Many languages don’t have writing system, so cannot limit to study of writing, must switch to study of speech Writing doesn’t capture everything that is going on in speech, such as intonation Writing is out of context, speech is in context- everything is in a flux of change. Speech indicates change, how a language is changing, how innovations affect change Linguistics= scientific study of language, which draws on the social and behavioral sciences Internal approach: early linguists studied structure of language, as though it was self contained/operating independently of such factors as psychology, society, emotion, wanted to exclude all possible noise (external factors) that causes irregularities in the use of language. Sees context as irrelevant, studies language out of context. Generated two types of grammars: prescriptive (imposes sanctions on deviant use of
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