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Shannon Blazavich Kristen Bensen-Hause English 110: College Writing I December 12, 2007 Happily Ever After? Growing up, Cinderella was among my favorite Disney movies, what with the talking mice and Prince Charming to sweep her off her feet. Maybe that’s why Cinderella is so appealing among small girls. Isn’t it every little girl’s fantasy to fall in love with Prince Charming and live happily ever after? It is only when one grows up that you realize how wrong Cinderella’s dream actually seemed. Once many versions of the same story are read, you seem to notice the same patterns throughout, some of them the wrong messages sent to girls through many generations around the world. Class dominance, materialism, and feminism are dominant themes throughout most Cinderella stories told around the world. All of these themes are very closely related, even overlapping at times. These themes are seen throughout both James Finn Garner’s “Politically Correct Cinderella” and Charles Perrault’s French version “Cendrillion.” These themes are also the values that we see dominating much of our culture today. Class dominance and materialism are very closely related. In today’s society, class dominance is usually defined by materialism. This relationship can also be seen in past generations and in fairy tales. In both Garner’s and Perrault’s versions of this particular fairy tale, Cinderella is forced by her step mother and step sisters to do many chores and hard labor for no pay. In the Garner’s ‘The Politically Correct Cinderella,’ “Cinderella was working harder than a dog…”(Garner, 217). Similarly, Perrault shows how cruel her family was to her, saying the step mother “Employed her in the meanest work of the house. She scourged the dishes,
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tables, etc., and cleaned madam’s chamber, and those of her misses, her daughter’s” (Perrault,
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cinderella - Shannon Blazavich Kristen Bensen-Hause English...

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