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Steve Kaplan Descriptive Essay Many people don’t see true beauty as it really is. There are two types of beauty: man-made beauty and natural beauty. Man-made beauty consists of statues and fabulous architecture dating back to the Ancient Greeks. Natural beauty is like trees, flowers, bushes, and inanimate objects like that. Some beauty you have to observe thoroughly and really pay attention to what you are looking at to truly understand the beauty that surrounds you. At Sacred Heart University, the environment around the campus is beautiful. Everything is amazing from the trees glistening in the sun to the leaves falling from the trees at the beginning of autumn. When you sit on the smooth concrete and close your eyes and listen, you feel relaxed as you hear birds chirping, the wind blowing, and other noises that just make you feel at ease. The trees all have different shapes and sizes. Leaves on some of the trees may be closer to orange
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Unformatted text preview: and yellow rather than green. Some treetops look like a Christmas tree and some look like a mushroom. When your walking around campus, there are some smells that are electrifying and some that are disgusting. The smell of fresh air is often what you say and it refreshes you. While sitting on the cold concrete steps, I felt around the area and felt well-balanced and hard metal guardrails. They were smooth and didn’t have any bumps in them. There were many man-made structures that appeared around the SHU campus. Many of these structures were abstract statues. There was one with a globe-like fixture with a metal vine hanging off of it and a telescope on top. It was a pretty cool looking statue. Sensory readings like the one we did last week can help you see the true beauty of life. So when you are bored one day, just take a walk around campus and take in the beautiful view that is Sacred Heart University....
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This essay was uploaded on 04/07/2008 for the course ENCC 101 taught by Professor Conti during the Spring '08 term at Sacread Heart University.

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Descriptive Essay - and yellow rather than green Some...

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