Truman Show and Mass Media

Truman Show and Mass Media - to put on to make it seem like...

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Steve Kaplan MS-101-EM Prof. Edwards The Truman Show directed by Peter Weir shows us a lot about mass media and audience. The creators of Seahaven Island use mass media to tell everyone on the island what to do. They use a process called agenda setting. That is when the mass media determine what people do and think. It determines what will be news and what won’t. Cristoff controls what everyone does each day so the show can go on. This is one theory that can be applied to the Truman Show. Another theory that can be applied is gatekeeping. Cristoff kept information from Truman so that he wouldn’t find out about the show. He put on the news that Truman watched what he wanted
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Unformatted text preview: to put on to make it seem like real life. Another theory that can be applied is information overload. Truman took so long to find out what was going on because he only paid attention to what was in front of him and didn’t look into it. We are only able to accept a small amount of information at a time. However, as time goes on we develop perceptions and filter information that all adds up. The Truman show tells us that mass media is huge in today’s world. They can make people believe whatever they want and the people trust them with what they are saying or showing. The audience will watch anyone shown on television. Mass media plays a huge role in our lives....
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