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4-7-08 - Phil 140 notes Feminism What is feminism o Men and...

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4/7/08 Phil 140 notes Feminism: - What is feminism? o Men and women have equal rights o Movement to promote women’s equality - Should women have equal rights to men? o Principle of Equality: it is unjust to treat people differently unless there is a relevant difference between them - How are men and women different? o Physical equipment Men: Literal Emotional Competitive Individual Visually stimulated Women: Emotional Expressive/ verbal Perceptive Sensitive Co-operative Intuitive - Traditional View Biological essentialism: women and men are naturally different Natural inequality: men are superior, women inferior: Male o Rational o Intellectual o Self-controlled o Dominant o Public world o Active o Mature impartial morality Female o Emotional o Intuitive o Slave to passions o Submissive
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o Private world o Passive o Immature o Partial morality - Women’s inferior moral sense? (Lawrence Kohlberg, Freud) o Moral maturity consists in:
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