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Jade Martin December 7, 2006 Dr. Bendler World Civilizations Mayan and Aztec Creation Stories Popol Vuh, or what is known as the Council Book, relates the Mayan story of civilization. This book also served as a source of advice for the Lords of Quiché, which was a Mayan cente4r of civilization located northwest of Guatemala City. The Lords used the Council Book at meetings to interpret signs, particularly omens related to death, famine, and conflict. Descendants of these ancient lineages wrote the only extant version of Popol Vuh between 1544 and 1588. It was written in the Mayan language using the Roman alphabet. Francisco Ximénez, a member of the Dominican Order, discovered and translated the manuscript into Spanish about 1701. As related in the Mayan story, the gods of the sky and water created the earth in one attempt. By contrast, the creation of humans took four attempts. The first three were defective and gave birth to other types of creatures. Even on the fourth successful try, the gods later changed the outcome because they felt the humans were too perfect. In between the three failures and the final success, the Council Book tells adventures of the gods and how they influenced cosmic and earthly conditions. They created the planets,
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civ 3 - Jade Martin Dr. Bendler December 7, 2006 World...

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